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LCC Futures Lecture: Designing for Mobile

For the second time since the London College of Communication (University of the Arts, London) has been running the LCC Futures Conference, Ané-Mari Peter, an alumni of the LCC, was invited to lecture.

The conference is run by the Digital Media and Games Design courses under the guidance of Chris Linford and Godfrey Lee and attended by final year students. Speakers range from academia, games companies, communications agengies, cross media companies, publishers and many others, who aim to not only inspire but provide concrete advice on working in the industry.

Ané's lecture focused on 'Design for Mobile' as not only a mega trend, but a realistic opportunity for young designers and developers to change the way in which content is accessed and engaged with. Talking through a number of on-IDLE client case studies a practical overview outlines the challenges and unforseen problems thrown up by different screen resolutions not only in terms of the technology in itself, but implementing design solutions.

Key takeaway:

Learn the language of touch.

Download the presentation here. →

With thanks to the LCC, the lecture was recorded. You can view the full lecture below (in 2 parts due to file size limits):

Ané is a frequent guest lecturer on a variety of digital media courses and infrequent speaker.

Some samples of previous speaking engagements:

Cross Media 2012

Ane's presentation entitled "Self-publishing reality: Examining the journey from digital to print" used a case study of UbyU books.

Some pictures of the event here.

Download the presentation here →

LCC Futures 2011 

Ane's presentation entitled "Impact of Technology on Web Development & Design" looks at the themes affecting day-to-day web projects, covering: 

• SEO, Search

• Layout (CSS3)

• Rich Media Content (HTML5)

• Engagement, interactivity

   – JavaScript
   – APIs
   – HTML

• eCommerce (standard payment gateways)

• Cloud servers; better connectivity

Download the presentation here →

KickSTART2 (2007) - Starting Up, Staying Up

KickSTART2 was part of a series of illustrated talks, in association with NM-X and London Westside. Ané's talk entitled "Starting Up, Staying Up" explained how on-IDLE Ltd came to be, the challenges faced in staying in business and top tips in running a digital agency (what I learnt the hard way)...

Download the presentation here →