Our team...

Having co-founded on-IDLE whilst Masters students at the London College of Communication in 1999, Ané-Mari Peter takes care of the day-to-day while Marc Peter heads design.

Today, the on-IDLE family is a core team of two graphic designers, two full-stack website developers, a full-service web development team and two project managers, located in Mile End East London, the Scottish Isles and Czech Republic (about an hour from Prague). We also oversee a design internship programme, taking the next generation under our wing.

We all have different personalities and bring particular skill sets and curiosities to the table.

One thing’s common, though: a desire and ability to learn.



Ané-Mari Peter

Managing Director, Co-founder London, UK

Ané has over twenty years experience working with businesses, creatives and web developers. She knows how to get to the heart of a problem in minutes and where to dig deeper. Apart from running on-IDLE, she’s also the go-to person for the latest news and practical advice on technology, communication, or how to fit a sheep into the back of your car. She is also a long-term committee member of FOSSUK (Federation of Swiss Societies in the UK) and is currently serving as its President. 


Marc Peter

Creative Director, Co-founder
London, UK

Marc steers on-IDLE’s creative output, working with businesses on brand creation, campaigns and products in print and digital. He’s a published author of two books, a patient listener and teacher, and as passionate about good food, as he is about intelligent branding, en-dashes, widows and spotting on-IDLE’s work in the wild. He is also a long-term board member of the ISTD (International Society of Typographic Designers) and a Trustee for the Swiss Benevolent Society.

FIRA Media s.r.o.

Full Service Web Development
Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

Philip and Radek work with the on-IDLE team on exclusive projects, the majority of which are WordPress CMS. They have an exceptional attention to design detail and deep insight into search-engine-optimised, accessible and mobile standards, not only on the front-end but also the code methodology. For complex customisation and own-code plugins for WordPress and mobile applications there is better team. Our tech stack here include WordPress, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, MySQL, iOS and Android.

Remo Moser

Graphic Designer 
Biel, Switzerland

Remo is a skilled graphic designer specialising in UX/UI-Design. Also a trained technical drawer and responsible for the print production of several daily newspapers, creation of layouts for printed and digital use, technical support for layout and design software. He uses the most appropriate current tools to execute customer design briefs, whether that is print production, concept design or digital.

Sabina Müller

Project Manager
Scottish Isles, UK

Sabina translates our clients’ fancy wishes into design briefs, budgets and technical requirements that work, and makes sure we deliver on them. When she’s not crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s on our projects, she’s probably flying a plane, collecting sea glass on the beach or thinking about where to move next.

Luboš Remplík

Web Developer
Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

Luboš’ is a highly experienced full stack developer who shapes on-IDLE’s digital development environment, protocols, and programming solutions. He likes to think ahead and makes sure our solutions are future proof. He not only enjoys building custom APIs but also got hands-on building a house for his family. Meanwhile we’re saving for an insurance fund in case he breaks his fingers again playing ice hockey.

Ondra Nedvídek

Web Developer
Hradec Králové
, Czech Republic

Ondra is an exceptionally skilled full stack developer and little known hand model. We trust him to find creative programming solutions to our clients’ challenges. He is never afraid to take a step back and look at the bigger picture before getting stuck into the code. When he’s not on a break or having lunch, he knows how to turn designs into beautiful functioning code.