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What CMS to use for your project?

Everyone might face to decision what CMS is the most suitable for its project. This blog post is about to help you with decision with CMS which we use at on-IDLE

#1 oi-CORE CMS

Rapidly growing, in house built, bespoke CMS we use for 15+ years.


  • 100% customized and optimized for your project
  • possible to grow with your project (suitable for small to large projects)
  • works well with 3rd party APIs
  • user friendly page builder


  • initial price when compared to opensource projects

Good architecture, UX and possibility to grow makes it suitable for small to large sized projects. System is not limited to add any kind of module and customize it by clients needs to last detail. Very well appropriate to deal with non-standard solutions.


  • https://www.on-idle.com/oicore-platform

#2 WordPress

One of the most famous CMS in the world.


  • easy to install
  • possible to self-host or host on wordpress.com
  • lot of plugins & themes
  • large community


  • DB structure does not provide flexibility to deal with direct updates, and moving DB data in and out needs lot of manual effort 
  • needs regular security maintenance

Good for small to mid sized projects with budget for maintenance (especially the security updates). Suffers with historical blog sites only purpose. 


  • https://wordpress.org/

#3 Grav CMS

Flat file CMS


  • shared CMS admin and developer interface (markdown, yaml)
  • no DB required
  • quick development
  • large and growing community


  • worse CMS UX, especially page editor

Good for small, quick projects like website portfolio. 


  • https://getgrav.org/
  • https://github.com/getgrav/grav

#4 Directus

Modern Headless CMS


  • modern technologies used (nodeJS, vueJS, graphql)
  • fast API included
  • very good peformance (backend & frontend)
  • separated from Frontend


  • hosting with nodeJS
  • qualified developer required

Thanks to incredible peformance, good architecture it is suitable for large projects while initial and maintenance cost is higher.


  • https://directus.io/
  • https://github.com/directus/directus


To sum up, it really depends project to project which CMS is the best. Other interesting CMS we watch are:

on-IDLE can help you choose, install, and if needed customise the CMS that works best for your project. Get in touch.