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My learnings from TikTok


All things A.I.

exod.ai – Launch and Test Facebook Ads Faster by using
copy.ai – Ad Copy, Simplified
inferkit.com – State-of-the-art text generation
contentrow.com – Headline Generator


Augmented Reality



All things Amail

mailgenius.com– Email Deliverability Tester


Download YouTube Videos

Add ‹pp› after youtube in the URL – bang


View YouTube Videos without the adverts

add  ‹_popup› after the word watch, copy the whole URL and send like that to your viewers


Voice typing

Activate ‹Voice Typing› under Tools


Have your own merchandise Shop – Teespring.com



Hashtag generator



The true size – move countries around to compare their real size



Find every CEO’s email address


Hunter lets you find email addresses in seconds and connect with the people that matter for your business.


Check out which adverts Brands have on Facebook

On the FB Brand page, scroll down to see ‹Page Transparancy›, click ‹go to Add Library› and you can see all the Adverts running and learn from them


B12.io – AI-generated website



Need to check a Patent?