SRG SSR Public Value | Microsite Design & Build in 4 Languages

Problem: SRG SSR is the Swiss equivalent of the BBC for television, radio, online and public opinion. As with the BBC in the UK, SRG SSR is funded by a public license fee, which is subject to a federal-wide vote to determine whether it stands up to the test of delivering 'public value'. Question: what exactly is 'Public Value' and how do you prove it?

Within a very strictly defined corporate identity, there is little, to no scope to differentiate. Never mind the issues with sub-domains, analytics (3rd party of course, it's Switzerland) and training, not just on content population, but multi-lingual SEO.

Solution: The many channels covering terrestrial television, radio and online in no less than 4x languages needed a dedicated 'microsite' within the broader corporate presence and actual news to not only outline the issues, but most importantly demonstrate to the public at large, how SRG SSR manifests and executes true, measurable public value to the license fee payer. 

As an aside, after a previous dedicated microsite endeavour lasting 18x months, we had 6x weeks from design concept to 'go live' with content in 4x languages with team training. We also introduced a visual (mobile-optimised) solution to showcase value elements, from job creation to global impact. 

Highlight: Proper team work, hands down. Without excellent content creators and editors in 4x languages the tech we provided would have been useless. 'Hats off' to Francesca who is not only multi-lingual, but 'gets' WordPress and leveraged it to the n-th degree... 

Fun Fact: on-IDLE's proprietors are actually friends with the type designer of the font SRG-SSR use, and were on the blunt-end of implementation across media. Having the 'tuepfchen' inside-track, helped us to design a front-end for all screen sizes and versions and tracking for KPI's. And, then we have a cook-out together! 

It was very important for the client to have an easy workflow to manage the four official languages of Switzerland in a simple way and have a certain flexibility on how to handle subject-, region or language-specific content.
One of the many highlights of this website is the Numbers, Dates, Facts page. We created an immersive playful experience – on desktop view the detail of the facts are viewed on rollover and on the mobile it is on click. There is an extra feature to flip it back again – of course only visible on mobile.

All facts are easily sharable to all common social platforms as a little bonus.
As the use of mobile is very high in all areas of Switzerland – the whole project was built on a mobile-first principle for the front-end display, irrespective of screen calibration or size. 
In the wild:
The Numbers, Dates, Facts section of the webiste was chosen for a multi-lingual print advertising campaign to inform the general public, about to go to the polls, about the actual Public Value of the official SRG SSR channels, in print, news outlets and online.