URMILCH | Packaging design

Problem: Migros was expanding their range, with the introduction of A2 milk to the Swiss market. A2 milk is a natural cow milk containing the protein component A2-beta-casein. Drunk by our ancestors, it is referred to as the original milk. The A2 protein is easily digestible unlike contemporary milk, which also contains the A1-beta-casein and is believed to be the cause of intolerances. Migros needed a packaging solution that appealed to the target market of young, health and environment conscious professionals.

Solution: A clean, fresh typographic based design, influenced by extensive market research and Swiss design. Due to the unique qualities of this milk, it was ensured that the packaging stood out from all competitors. 

Highlights: Visiting the farm! As part of the research process, the farmer gave a tour of the farm and explained the process behind producing the milk.
Contributors: Michèle Büschi, Patrick Schär, Oskar Schmid, Pedro Correia Rodrigues, Martin Wymann and Anne-Camille Vaucher