Migros Aare | Annual Report 2019

Problem: Since 2013 Migros has used the same design guidelines for their annual report, with the idea that by 2022 all the spines will show together the Migros ‘M’. However, every year there is a unique theme to accompany the design – this year the topic was ‘Polaaris’ (internal employee productivity and advancement programme).

Solution: In order to visually display the topic of Polaaris and not overshadow the content, it was decided early on to use 3D-Spot UV to enhance the star and make it even more vibrant. We involved the printer early in the process to help eliminate many test runs at a later stage.

Highlight: To have the printed issue in your hand and experience the design in person. Also, it is very satisfying to place the report next to the previous issues to see that the M on the spine lines up perfectly.
We maintained the design of the spine, so that come 2022, the full set would show the Migros M.