Gurten Park | Bespoke Voucher Design

Problem: Gurten Park is selling a lot of vouchers. About 60% are sold in December for Christmas presents. To enhance the experience the client challenged on-IDLE to come up with a bespoke 'popping' voucher system for the two brands available. One for the Gourmet Restaurant 'Gurtners' and one for all the offers Gurten is offering during the whole year.

Solution: Together with the Head of Marketing Martin Geiger and his assistant Tatjana Schär we come up with three concepts – all enhancing the haptic experience. The selected solution facilitates in-house printing of seasonal and time sensitive offers to the pre-produced 'envelope' where the recipient can 'pull' out the voucher to reveal the gift within. 

Highlights: To work with a very experienced printer who was able to offer dye-cut for the one voucher and a laser cut for the more detailed scenic design.
The Challenge was to get the sizing correct, so that the pre-printed inside can be filled out with the personal information from the in-house voucher production system – and it had to work for both brands. 
Gurten – The strapline for Gurten Park is: «Rauf aus der Stadt» meaning out of the city, however as the only real mountain within Bern city, is also a colloquialism meaning 'up the hill'. The tongue in cheek slogan inspired the push and pull of the voucher. 
Gurtners – Because the CI/CD places the logo at the bottom right, we had to find a unique logic solution for the pull effect. The Gurtners restaurant is famous for weekend brunches, thus the image was constructed to show Brunch, Lunch and Dinner all on the same table – like a proper feast. 
The image collage was curated and photographed by the Gurtner marketing team.