Great-Taste.ch | Shopify E-Commerce Website

Problem: F&B Affairs have a successful B2B online marketplace for luxury herbs, spices, wine, sweets, sauces, baked goods, delicatessen cuts and teas which is well known in Switzerland. During the Covid pandemic many of F&B's B2B customers could not trade and some in the hospitality sector folded, forcing F&B to pivot the potential products as quickly as possible to a B2C (direct to consumer online sales) online store. 

Solution: Together with Prädikat – a well established partner agency in Aarau, Switzerland – we needed to create in record time, a beautiful, on-brand and fully functional B2C e-commerce website. We recommended to use the Shopify platform as the whole process of stock counters, discount codes, payment and Vat invoice generation already built-in. This allowed us to focus on fine-tuning some of the functionality such as custom menus and product categorisation as well as the interface layout design using the native Shopify coding language «LIQUID».

Highlights: Even though Shopify is 'out of the box' and simple to set-up initially, different skillsets from the whole on-IDLE studio were needed to customise the online shop, and subsequently train the customer to manage the orders and content in-house. We did discover some unexpected limitations to the platform, which we are unused to when building bespoke solutions, however a good learning curve for in particular our coders who have now added «LIQUID» to their capability arsenal. 
Mobile optimised – All pages have multiple break points to make sure the shopping experience is smooth whether on a smartphone, tablet or desktop.
Special templates – A unique template different to the product listings and generic content was created for the food blog; using the ingredients available in the shop and of course a straight forward shopping basket and checkout by credit card and Twint.