Four Corners Archive | Website

Problem: Four Corners is an independent photography and filmmaking centre established in 1973 and is still active today. Alongside Camerawork Magazine and Half Moon Photography Workshop, Four Corners gave a significant contribution to art, culture and politics in East London. With the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund, they required a website that documented the history of the three organisations in the form of a digital archive containing 3000+ items, in nine different formats and three collections. Consideration had to be made for users with dyslexia to meet Four Corners’ strive for accessibility.

Solution: A website that has a focus on the use of multiple filters (themes, keyword and format) as a way to introduce and explore the archive. As well as filtering, features such as a random item selector, and links to related internal and external content act as extended research tools. A ‘lightbox’ can also be used to save items and send them to yourself via email, in order to return to archive items later with ease. 

Highlights: Observing the front-end come alive as the archive items and data were pulled through successfully. And of course, the archive exhibition and party on launch day!