Firefly Pilates | Branding & Website Development

Problem: After an injury, Sam Moore retrained from a personal trainer to a reformer pilates focus. From the outset, the only given, was the name, ‘Firefly Pilates’ and the visual representation of a firefly.

Solution: We created a logo and colour system that is seamlessly adaptable for web and print, as for many elderly or visually impaired clients it is important to have PDF and printed sheets available. For a speedy build we used a blank WordPress template, however heavily customised so that the client has ultimate control but within the confines of the familiar content management system. 

Highlights: Sam Moore, the business owner was introduced to us by our longstanding client/friend Eclipse Sports Promotions. It shows how important it is to work with your clients for many years and build a solid relationship with them. And it is a pleasure to see how the shy Sam evolved from ‘I will never be in one of the videos’, to flourish in front of the camera and producing fantastic social content without our assistance.
Animation – The logo and the social assets use animation as a strategy to reach the target audience and grab their attention. The animation quite literally showcases the benefit of reformer pilates in movement. 
In the Wild – To optimise Sam’s administrative workflow and insurance obligations, we created interactive PDF for the clients to fill out before their initial consultation.