Come to Tunisia

What we did: Navigation architecture, UX design, custom-map application programming, bespoke CMS (content management system) and SEO (search engine optimisation).

Highlight: Programming an interactive map where custom images are placed and uploaded via the CMS where what is displayed can be filtered by category e.g. Adventure, History & Culture, Golf Courses, Airports, etc. 

This is second version of the website built by on-IDLE for the Tunisian Tourist Office after the first was built in 2009. 

The new Tunisia website contains an extensive directory of accommodation as well as other things to do such as diving centres, marinas, cruises & ferries and tour operators. All content can be managed site-wide through the custom open source CMS.

Commissioned by Fox Kalomaski Crossing (an on-IDLE customer since 2002).


Twitter: @ComeToTunisia