Tabbah Jewellery

March 2012 - December 2014

What we did: Navigation architecture, website HTML/CSS programming, UX design, email
layout template design and programming, bespoke log-in protected press area build,
search engine optimisation (SEO), DotMailer email marketing integration and bespoke multi-lingual (Russian, French, English) CMS (content management system) build.

Highlights: Visual timeline showing Tabbah's history from 1862 and an innovative animated scroll-through of collections' pieces using JavaScript and HTML5.

Commissioned and designed by ABCD Book. Tabbah, based in Beirut and Geneva, design
and craft high quality jewellery and timepieces. The new website was launched in celebration of Tabbah's 150th anniversary.

Tabbah is now using a Lebanon-based digital agency in the interest of local interpretation and resource within similar time-zones.