Oxford Street

What we do: Consumer website homepage update, Wordpress widgets programming, website new pages design and build, image sourcing, social media channel branding, email newsletter template design and programming with Mailchimp email marketing installation.

Highlight: Timing the publishing of pages and sending out an email newsletter around the
press launch and social media campaign for the British Fashion Flags campaign on Oxford
street in honour of HM The Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Oxford Street is London's premier
shopping destination with over 300 shops the length of the 1.5mile long street.

Fun Fact: The website's mobile version is designed to function app-like, shifting the navigation to reflect what research revealed users need to know when physically on-street. The site's background and campaign landing pages continuously evolve (and are managed completely in-house) in keeping with an ever-changing campaign- and seasonally-driven destination marketing website.

Commissioned by New West End Company, Oxford Street has been an on-IDLE client
since February 2007. The new Oxford Street brand was designed by the award-winning Goosebumps

Facebook: www.facebook.com/OxfordStW1

Twitter: @OxfordStreetW1