What we did: Consultancy, graphic design, facebook competition, print, email newsletter layout templates, consumer experiential campaign, sales presentation content & layout design, English to German translation

Highlights: Launching a new brand in the competitive UK directory market using social media, an experiential consumer campaign driven by a Facebook competition and B2B email marketing campaign. Since the launch, on-IDLE have also created multiple sales presentations for different markets.

seeker is a new service where you can find local residential and business contact details through the seeker website or by downloading the free Android, Nokia or iPhone app. seeker's main advantages are that it is multi-lingual and has a presence in the following countries: UK, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria and the USA. 

For example, I can search for a hairdresser close to the hotel I will be staying at during a Paris city break, with the results being displayed in English with mileage, map and where relevant images and more information about the business - all at my finger tips.

For PR and social media media strategy and management, Elemental Communications are supporting the brand creating social media content.