AMEX Partner Online

What we did: B2B Microsite build, multi-lingual content management system (CMS) 

and deep-level SEO (search engine optimisation) with 3rd party tracking and measurement.

Highlight: 9 Variations of application forms in German, Italian and French.




April 2011 - November 2014

What we did: Branding refresh, iconography illustration, colour palette, navigation
architecture, website layout design, UX design, accessibility, social media integration,
Flash workflow animation, website build supported by …



What we did: GUI (Graphic User Interface) audit, UX design, information design, virtual workflow modeling, new GUI design, iconography illustration, CSS/HTML prototype layout templates programming, requirements gathering workshops with client groups.



Bluewater Mall

July 2009

What we did: Presentation design concept, Flash presentation design and programming,
UX design, Flash ActionScript animation and image language.

Highlights: Seeing a high conversion rate of stores who joined the Bluewater family after
seeing …



What we did: Print layout templates' design for MS Word, DOS programming specifications, graphics styling, typographic rules and covers for 12 Equity Research publications.

Highlight: End-to-end conceptual layout designs.

Equity Research booklets infor…


Danske Bank

What we did: Branding, print layout templates' design for MS Word, DOS programming specifications, graphics styling, typographic rules, colour palette, typeface selection and 

covers for 15 Equity Research publications.

Highlight: Branding design for t…


Federation of Swiss Societies UK

What we did: logotype, website design, seo, content management system (CMS), ongoing active technical and design support.

Highlights: UK-wide events calendar of all Swiss clubs and societies' activities and the compilation of an accurate contacts databa…


New West End Company Members

March 2011

What we did: Information design, website layout templates design and programming,
iconography illustration, members' sign-up / approval / log-in workflow, and a custom CMS
(content management system) for managing events calendar, quick poll, …


Software ONE

What we did: Website navigation architecture, website layout templates design concept, iconography illustration and on-site workshops.

Highlights: Working with Software ONE's in-house marketing team, branding agency and
Sharepoint developers on-site clo…

Software One

Swiss Review UK Magazine

What we did: Magazine layout design concept, colour palette, page layout and typesetting.

Highlight: Seeing the work in print and knowing that the magazine is read by 28000 Swiss expats
and their families in the UK.

Six Swiss Review magazine issues are…

Swiss Review

Tate Modern

November 2007

What we did: Corporate brand guidelines implementation for mobile devices, interactive
tour programming, navigation architecture design, iconography illustration, mobile interactive
tour workflow information design, first server installati…


Videal Camera Systems

April 2012

What we did: Corporate branding including logotype, A4 folder covers, A4 brochures,
car stickers, order/fax forms, exhibition graphics, content strategy, colour palette and typeface selection. Bi-lingual website design and build (German and E…



Dynamically generated PDFs ... lessons learnt (9 comments)

Every project at on-IDLE comes with its own unique set of requirements and from time to time, one of these requirements is the dynamic generation of content in form of PDF documents. Read about some of the hurdles that have to be overcome ...
Dynamically generated PDF

The Long Run wins 'Best Responsible Tourism Site' at the Travel Mole Web Awards (13 comments)

Hurrah! to the on-IDLE team on the design and build of The Long Run website and Congratulations! to the Zeitz team who manage the website and initiative. The Travel Mole Web Awards encourage excellence in online travel.
The Long Run website wins Travel Mole Award!

Cross Media 2012 Presentation (55 comments)

Self-publishing reality: Examining the journey from digital to print - a ubyu books case study. Seminar Presentation: Ané-Mari Peter