Swiss Benevolent Society UK | Website

Problem: The Swiss Benevolent Society UK was founded in 1703 and have recently modernised the organisation, with a focus on the ethos of ‘Living Well’. To enforce this, they came to on-IDLE for a redesign and restructure of their cold, corporate looking Wordpress site. The main aim of the website is to allow users to reach out to the charity for assistance, provide in-depth service details and call for contributions. ​​

Solution: A responsive design with a submenu that also act as call to actions, to guide the user to the most important information. The typography was considered to improve accessibility to visually restricted users as well as being easy to navigate and appealing for older users of 60 years old and above. We also restructured the news area to feature a visual overview page. We also created a Facebook page and interactive financial aid application forms.

Highlights: The conceptual use of colour and shape based on wellbeing and nature, that brings brightness and optimism to the user in difficult times. We also brought in other design touches such as ‘letter paper borders’, for the presentation of letters that the society receives.