International Society of Typographic Designers [ISTD] | Assessment Platform & Website

Assessment Platform

Problem: ISTD have held their annual Student Assessment since 1975 – organised, run and judged on a voluntary basis by professionals and educators in the society, in various international locations. As the popularity of the assessment rose, a system was required that makes the process more efficient and didn't involve thousands of sheets of paper. 

Solution: A platform that is involved in the entire assessment process – from providing access to the project briefs, calculating the assessment score, to printing the certificates for the awards ceremony. 

Highlights: The use of QR codes to increase efficiency. The student’s unique code is located on the portfolio label, and is scanned by the assessor to bring up the project details and assessment form.



Problem: The ISTD is a membership based organisation and required a website design and build that enabled the international society to become centralised on the web.

Solution: A website that includes a blog, shop and members area. As well as this, student project briefs and assessment details can be easily accessed on the homepage, alongside regular updates to prospective members up to date with the society's happenings. In the back end membership renewal updates and payments are managed.

Highlights: The use of the Behance API – members are invited to add selected work to their ISTD profiles. Also, the use of ‘skins’, to enable the user to select from a range of page designs.​​​​​​​

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