Gurten | Jubiläum Branding & Touchpoints

Problem: The #DrGurteFiiret Project celebrates 20 years of the «Gurten – Park im Grünen», the ‹Husberg› mountain of Bern. Creative lead Marc Peter’s challenge was to create a distinct brand identity and look-and-feel for three very different events over the celebration weekend whilst still paying homage to the existing and well-established Gurten brand.

Solution: With over 50 brand touch points, which included lanyards, outdoor posters, merchandise, animated idents, newspaper, flyers, invites, packaging to name but few, only a typographic system that can work both horizontally and vertically could cater for the application of the brand identity across the board. 

Highlights: To be able to design (and sample!) our first beer and chocolate packaging within the same single project.​​​​​​​
© Anja Zurbrügg photography | http://www.anjazurbrü