Aldersgate Group | Reports & Infographics

Problem: Aldersgate Group is a multi-stakeholder environmental alliance, who are forward thinkers in environmental policy. After developing the corporate identity and website, they required a design for their quarterly reports that is flexible and fresh. 

Solution: We used the already established graphic style using dots to apply to infographics and cover illustrations with Spot UV printing – making the organisation stand out from the rest. The design aims to be clean and professional, but not boring, in order the make the reports attractive and engaging. We also developed the InDesign template to automate font styles, footnotes and index when imported directly from the delivered Word document – this has made the workflow much more efficient, leaving more time for detailing and infographics.

Highlight: After the prolonged success of the reports (since 2016), we have since produced further designs for commissioned reports and policy briefings.

A diverse range of infographics using the signature dotted style, formatted for print and use on social media.