Aldersgate Group | Commissioned Report Design

Problem: Aldersgate Group required a new design for their commissioned reports for online distribution (as opposed to printed), which was to differentiate from their standard report design and identity, created by on-IDLE in 2006 (with refreshed colour palette and iconography in 2017). However, this design should still visually fit into the Aldersgate Brand family. 

Solution: A re-usable report template design optimised specifically for onscreen reading with a clear structure for ease of understanding dense and complex ideas. The report template tested successfully, being used by flowing 115 pages of text from MS Word to Adobe Indesign, including the automated management of 400+ footnotes.

Highlight: Succeeding in the challenge of delivering such a complex report in a very short amount of time (10 working days from commission to public release) which led to the satisfaction of the client loving the suggested design direction.