Europe or the States? Obama or Elizabeth II? Double Whopper and Fries or Fish and Chips?
«She Loves You» or «Satisfaction»? Wordpress or Cake? These are questions which we stumble across every once in a while. These are serious questions. These are questions which some people might start fights over. And the King of them obviously: Beatles or Stones? Indeed did I myself casually stumble across this very last one on Monday.

But I’d like not to get into this too much yet. All of you know both of those very well and probably most of you do favour one of them. However the Idea related to all of this question talk came to me, when I was having a break in the patio to our studio. As frequent readers know, the guy living next to the studio refurbishes and sells bikes. Most of these days – at least on the ones that wont freeze the snot hanging from your nose as you rush on the tube – the guy next door has his kitchen door to the back yard open. He works in his kitchen which he converted into a proper workshop and listens to music. He has a pretty great taste in music so I usually listen as well. That monday he was playing a song by the Beatles. And thats when this fundamental question popped to my mind: «Beatles or Stones?». So I got back to the Studio and made a bet with Marc. We decided to put a poll on the on-IDLE Facebook page and the one who's band wins gets free beer at the local pub for one evening.

So to freshen up your ears, listen to both of the songs posted below, then jump to the Facebook poll and get me that free beer! I decided not to tell who bet on the Beatles, just to keep Marcs chances alive.

«She Loves You»


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Way to go! By the second time I knocked on Stu’s door (right, the bicycle fella) he already had a new piece of gear ready for me. Another vintage Peugeot. Black this time. Not quite as mint and beautiful as the one I had before – but this one has a very comfy frame shape and suicide breaks.

Suicide breaks

Stu gave me an even better deal on this one – might be because he was really shocked by the story of my first bike. So Colin is back on the road again, better watch out Londoners. On thursday my flatmate and I went to the welcoming party from our student housing. There was free tapas, beer from a Tottenham local brewery and a free consultation from a bike doctor. So I let the lady check on my new racer. After fixing some things she told me about her workshop project. They are going to open a workshop at Crouch End where one can work on ones own bike and use tools and get advice from professional mechanics. Since it sounded rather interesting, I will keep you updated on this one.

Monday we had a client meeting with the City Swiss Club London. I had the honour to contribute a draft for the redesign of their website. It was an interesting experience to attend this meeting and we even got to choose the wine for the next City Swiss Club event. Best of all, the client invited me to this event. I will report from the City Swiss River Boat Cruise in one of my coming entries.

On the weekend some swiss friends came over to watch the american football game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Pittsburgh Steelers at Wembley Stadium. The older one of the two brothers had an awful long journey from Singapore and after spending half the day in the Duke of Clearance Pub, he was barely able to hold his eyes open. So the younger of the two and I went on to the PING  club at Earls Court. That night seemed to have no end, we met a nice Bulgarian girl and two Italian fellas and hung out on the streets for quite a long time after the club closed.

On Saturday morning I had this meeting with a Swiss photographer. He is doing a project where he takes a portrait of a different person every day for one year. He shows the portraits off on his website. So we met at his hotel, wich was jammed with continental american football fans, just here in London for this weekend, to watch the game. We went down to the riverside, at Butlers Wharf. We had a great lunch with burgers and red wine. After a long meal while discussing countless topics, we hurried out to the quay and he shot my portrait with my hungover-looking head in between tower bridge. Personally, I think one can see from my looks how long the night before was. It’s still a great portrait tho, and the whole meeting was fun.

For some of my new tasks this past week I had to use the WordPress content management system. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s basically a tool for working on a website’s content – for example uploading and placing new images or text. Usually on-IDLE uses CakePHP, wich is pretty much the same thing, but much more user friendly and as I’ve learned also nicer for the programmer who has to implement new features in the form of modules to the website. So on-IDLE tries to convince clients to use CakePHP, because this streamlines a lot of processes and opens vast possibilities. Some clients tho, want to stick to WordPress for certain reasons. Might be that their employees are already trained on WordPress or various other reasons. For those of you who are planning on commissioning a CMS based Website, I can only recommend CakePHP – preferably on-IDLE’s Cake Core.

Today I also have a nice movie recommendation for you folks. On Wednesday I went to see «Filth». It was awesome! Just don’t watch it at Vue on Leicester Square tho – we payed like sixteen quid each. Expect nothing and bring a beer or two.

That would be all for this episode. I hope you enjoyed reading my mayham thoughts and that you'll be back for the next episode in about a week or two.

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