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This awesome picture was taken by my good friend Adrien Orford. It's a bit dark but the sign just fits to this week's blog entry – thanks Aidy!

Week 10 – Don't grow up, it's a trap!

In some past blog entry I ranted about how complicated it was to get a UK bank account as a foreigner. Well guess what, I've made it, after living here for nearly five months I finally got a bank account. And it was a struggle. The amount of required documents in the end even confused the bank clerk!
And finally, after finding gaps through every regulation that required a bank account (gym membership, cell contract...) I come to the conclusion that growing up and being independent is a trap.

Of robot arms and genetic engineering

Last week I finally made it to stop by at London Hackspace. After my brother took me to Hamburg to the 30th Chaos Communication Congress before christmas, I decided to visit this place. On tuesdays they hold open evenings so I even got to attend a guided tour. There's plenty of projects being worked on, the people are, as mostly the case in this scene, extraordinarily unbiased, friendly and helpful. So even though I would not refer to myself as a whole-blood nerd or geek, I feel at home wherever hackers gather.

There was an overwhelming number of things to discover in this amazing space. When I arrived some guys where tinkering on the «Door Bot», the device that reads the RFID chips of members, checks them up with the database on the Hackspace server and opens the door. Then I got offered a Club Mate, a caffeinated soda I had missed sorely since Hamburg. This really is the stuff that keeps you hacking through nights, I can tell from experience.

The Hackspace offers a number of excellently equipped departments. The equipment mostly gets donated to the Hackspace. There's an electronics workshop, 3D-printers, a laser cutter, sewing machines, a «small» library, a classroom, a kitchen, a tuckshop, a wood and metal workshop and much more.

Two of the myth-enshrouded pieces are the server and the big robot arm. The former «fell off Nokias back», when the UK branch of the corporation got shut down. Employes got told to bring away very piece of equipment that had no value to the company. IT equipment older then three years had «no value» so the server now equipped with over a terabyte RAM and around 64 processor cores made it into the Hackspace's basement. Similarly the big robot arm got donated by a university. One of the cables broke and replacement costs would have been stellar. So the hackers naturally hacked together a replacement, now it's being worked at right next to the server.

On thursday I went to a crypto class at the Hackspace. Although I already had most of the mediated knowledge, I picked up some nice tips. Everybody should look out for local crypto parties and classes, since we are living in times where such knowledge is truly essential.


Paris' Adventures with The Oven Part 2

One night in late November last year, the crew returned to station court from a wild night out. It was very late, must have been at around four in the morning. So everybody staggered straight to their flat. I had not even gotten out of my shoes, when my phone started vibriting like mad. Using the last energy reserves I typed my pin code and downloaded the image everybody was raving bonkers about. I had to sit down because i was shaking from laughter.

Apparently lovely Paris had unveiled another one of her mind-boggling performances.
She had forgotten her corncob in the oven when we left, more then 5 hours before. The delicious al dente corn is proudly presented by Paris in the image above...

That would be all for this episode. I hope you enjoyed
reading it and that you'll be back for the next post!

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