At long last, Microsoft has seen sense and in order to progress its browser development, has announced a brand new browser (and retirement of the "IE" brand name).

Despite the project being called, as seeminly all new Microsoft product launches recently, a character in "Halo", Project Spartan hopefully heralds new code and a real new web browser as opposed to the historical re-hash of the same old no longer fit for purpose browsers with a new flashy logo and no substance.

Microsoft will certainly not get a 'thank you' from me or the on-IDLE web development and design teams for continuing to support archaic versions of Internet Explorer tied to even older operating systems meaning it became a habit within corporate IT environments to use old technology and not update something as basic as a freely downloadable web browser. It certainly could not have done its own operational development any favours either having to continually throw support resource onto old versions of what was once a flagship browser. 

#InternetExplorer #RIP

We're now on IE11 meaning our web developers have to code 'hacks' for the 3 latest versions (11, 10 and 9) to satisfy the basic common denominator of ensuring most of the world will see a beautifully rendered website. That is just 'routine', time consuming, wasteful of resource, expensive, but, necessary to get the job not only done, but to keep it running.

The "death of Internet Explorer" has predicatably been picked up by even mainstream media and traditional broadsheets, never mind the trending memes of mockery on Twitter, but considering we're now in 2015, but IE6's 'death' is still not quite there, we're in for the long haul on ridding the world's desktops of Internet Explorer as a web browser. 

In fact, only this month, a customer forced us to optimise a fully RWD website with HTML5 video for IE5.5. Seriously. I wish I was joking... We even demanded a screen grab of the client's desktop with the website open in said browser, before capitulating, taking the pain (and billing handsomely for the IE5.5 hack as far as it could go without a rebuild in HTML1.0), but there you go. 

Death of IE6 countdown

Only about 1% of the entire world population with internet access still uses IE6. Kill it.

Browser Wars

Perhaps Microsoft surprises the world and really do launch a proper new web browser with Windows 10. Perhaps it will be as with its previous attempts be a case of rebranding, or an expensive version of the emperor's new clothes. Only time will tell.

But, while the "countdown" to the death of the Internet Explorer gathers .... pace (we can only live in hope), why not pass the time with a bit of browser humour... 

If celebrities were web browsers infographic

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