Bright lights, street performers and a tube strike. From Camden market to the science museum, from West End Live to cinnabon. I have tried to cram in as much of London's treasures as possible. There’s 100s of different things to do on any given day, and for that day only. So it’s really easy to get lost in the magic of it all and have a completely new adventure each and everyday. But, I didn't actually come for the city's wonders, I came to do a job and to see once and for all, if I could actually cut it in the design world. Thus my 3 month placement at on-IDLE begins.  

I met Ané during my interview and liked her straight away, she was warm and welcoming, and has made me feel at home. But I had yet to meet the designer that would come to teach me so much about design and software, until my first official day. Which made my first day that all more nerve racking. Luckily for me, Marc was just as lovely and has on a nearly weekly basis given me chocolate. Safe to say, they are pretty amazing people, and I have been extremely lucky to have them for my first ever placement.  


On with the actual work, everything from email signatures to illustrations, website design to content managing. I have had my hand in a fair few different tasks which taught me a lot about design and myself. When you have to go through 1000 wine bottles and make sure each and every single photo is high quality, you tend to learn things about yourself. The one thing, that I am most proud of and will be live in a couple of months, is the very first website I have ever designed. Roll on September.

One of the most exciting things to happen to me is seeing my name on a published piece of work, enter Migros magazine. In which I did a number of random odd jobs, helping Marc put the finishing touches. From the start I have been eager to learn as much as possible and prove that they did the right thing in giving me this placement. So when I saw my name in the footer of the opening pages, I think I accomplished my mission.  


Grids, grids and more grids. I only just realised how much I have learned about grids, when I caught myself staring at a tube poster. Visualising the neon blue lines from InDesign, seeing how the text sat upon the structured grid. Now I know grids, at least, now I know how to effectively use them. This was just one of the many lessons I have been taught. I could go on forever about what I learned, but the biggest lesson was experiencing just how different an actual studio is to University. There I would spend 3 weeks purely researching a subject, whilst here, the final product needs to be done by 6. That being said, I think I managed to slot myself in quite well, finishing any odd job that needed doing, cuddling the cats when they slept on my keyboard. Yes, my keyboard was not my keyboard, it was Leon’s bed and that’s how it was going to stay until he felt otherwise.  


I came to the realisation that I had actually accomplished my dream, on my third day. I was given positive feedback from a client and the words kept spinning around my mind. I felt such a sense of achievement and pride. Then, so swiftly, a memory came flooding in, the moment I decided I wanted to do this for the rest of my life. Almost 10 years later, here I am, actually doing what I thought would always remain a dream and never a realisation.


In a nutshell, this placement not only made me face my fears, it helped me progress as a designer and gave me amazing memories. But the biggest thing it did, and what I am most grateful for, is that it showed me I can achieve my dream, I can work in a studio and I am a graphic designer.


Thank you Ane and Marc.

Micha McMahon