After graduating University and floating around in varying states of unemployment for the better half of a year, a placement at on-IDLE seemed like the best thing to happen to me at the end of 2016. Two of my friends had pervious placements here (Micha and Marina) and nothing but glowing recommendations, so I jumped at the chance to work here as well.


And it’s proving to be the best choice I made.

London’s East End isn’t that much of a culture shock, all cities seem alike to me after living in Lincoln for 3 years, but working in a proper design studio is. The Uni studio was a stressful mess of students who likely hadn’t slept in three days. on-IDLE is relaxed, cosy, and full of cats trying to walk across your keyboard. Work still gets done and the deadlines still exist, but there’s room in the studio to breathe and Marc’s expertise makes me feel like there’s no chance I’ll get lost in my work with him there to let me know that my knowledge of em or en dashes is indeed incorrect. 


Not only that but I've been able to meet clients and see how much good clients mean to a studio. Virgin Media's present of a heart shaped piñata for Valentine's Day was particularly memorale. Marc has even let me tag along to different events and talks. Letterform Live – presented by Grafik, this edition of the talk was about Vinyl and the music industry's interaction with typography, and how it inspired the speakers - was the first. Luckily I'd been up to Shoreditch for the first time the weekend before with my parents, so I didn't get too lost on the way home. It was brilliant to be able to see a talk by designers aimed at other designers, rather than students. 


Cat distractions aside, the work at on-IDLE has been so enjoyable so far. Everyone told me before coming to London not to expect to enjoy the work, to not be given much design work at all, or to be given all the grunt tasks. 


Well, I definitely have to make tea and coffee, but I get to drink the tea as well so it’s hardly a hardship. Small web graphics, flyers, proof reading, and research—yes, even the dreaded research is fun—have made up most of my work so far. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s amazing to think bits of your work might actually see daylight after working in an enclosed environment like University. It’s quick, small tasks change daily, and there’s always something new to tackle. Being able to sit in actual client meetings is a breath of fresh air as well, and it’s certainly educational to see how clients actually deal with amendments and drafts.

So I suppose I can say for certain that not only was the placement the best thing to happen to me at the end of 2016, it was the best beginning to 2017 as well. I’m looking forward to the rest of my time at on-IDLE and in London – so here’s to more weekends spent museum hopping.