Last Thursday, the on-IDLE team attended the first event of the annual Shuffle festival in Mile End. This time it was ‘Eat with your hands’ a pop up Indian restaurant situated in an outdoor tree house at Tower Hamlets cemetery park, exquisitely decorated with lights and flower decorations.

We had some cocktails before proceeding to the tree house.

We had some cocktails before proceeding to the tree house.

shuffle_0002, 0003.jpg

Table service


As the name suggests, there wasn’t any cutlery in sight (except for the dessert – we were given wooden spoons which felt strange as we got used to using our hands) we used banana leaves as plates and sat on the floor. Naturally, things got inventive. Marc had the great idea of retaining an Artichoke leaf from the starter and upcycling it into spoon; Ané ate her fish using a stick.  


Jade is talented at pouring Prosecco because she used to work in a pub (I spilt it all over my Banana leaf).


We were served big platters of food to share. The Starter was a ‘Woodland Mezze’ a salad made with Artichokes, Cheese, Herbs, Figs, Nuts, Jam and Hummus

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For the main we had a choice of Herb Marinated Catch of the day, Indian spiced roast chicken with onion, coriander and pepper or Tahini Glazed Aubergine Tagine with Aubergine, Couscous, Tomatoes and Nuts. 


The Indian spiced roast chicken.


All was served with Pilaf & Aloo chaat (Rice and a spicy potato snack).


The wine


‘I just wanted to be an intern, now I’m sat on the floor eating food with my hands” - Jade


The dessert was one of my favourite parts, it was spiced Halwa; a traditional Indian dessert made with baby carrots and Baklava which is a sweet pastry with pistachio. I had never had this before it was delightful.

We had a memorable evening, it was lovely to share something special in the middle of the week and try something new.  The rest of Shuffle festival looks like it is going to be exciting with live music, film screenings and performances, find out all about it at