By Markus Begiebing

We have found that most corporate clients use Microsoft Outlook for setting up email accounts. 

Although a good email client, the user interface is pretty confusing and on some systems we have experienced that Outlook can be mind-numbingly slow

Outlook 2010 Setup Instruction

Once Outlook has started, click on the File tab and subsequently click on Add Account.

Outlook 2010 Setup Instruction

The wizard will ask you for the details of your account, but instead of filling them out, just select "Manually configure server settings or additional server types" and click Next.

Outlook 2010 Setup Instruction

On the next screen, select "Internet Email" as the type of service that you want to set up.

Outlook 2010 Setup Instruction

Now for the nitty gritty:
Start by filling out your name and email address.

Server Information:

  1. Leave the Account Type selection set to POP3.
  2. For incoming and outgoing mail server, you can enter "mail." followed by the full name of the domain that this email address belongs to. E.g. if your domain is, then you would enter "".

Logon Information:

  1. As User Name, you will have to enter your complete email address, including domain.
  2. Then enter the password that we have supplied to you for this account.

Click Next and cross your fingers. ;)

Outlook 2010 Setup Instruction

Outlook will now try to log onto the server to check that all the access details you have provided are accurate. It will then also try to send a test email to verify that there are no issues with outgoing email.

Outlook 2010 Setup Instruction

That's it, all done!

Click Finish and start sending emails ...