When you walk into the museum, you're met with grand pieces of machinery from a completely different era. They lead you into my favourite room, which is almost like a walk through time. There’s cars, boats, airplanes, phones, medicine. They show you how these objects evolved through time, which is amazing, but also a major reality check to how old you are, when items you played with in your childhood are now behind glass cabinets for the world to see. Let’s just say, I moved along very quickly to regain my youth.


From walking through the past, we walk into the future. Space, the final frontier. Greeted by actual parts from spaceships and rockets, it’s pretty impressive. They had everything, from telescopes from the 1800s to a replica cabinet from a space kitchen astronauts used. The nerdy designer part of me got very excited at seeing an old coke can from the 80s and then extremely disgusted by seeing a sealed, vacuum packed chicken salad, from the 80s. Then, you see it, the one thing that you always wanted to try on, regardless if you wanted to be an astronaut or not, the spacesuits. You can’t help but stand and awe at them, they were just really, really cool.  


On to the interactive parts, the whole reason why people get so excited when you mention you’re visiting the science museum. Out of all the floors, the ground was my favourite, not because of any one particular part but because of the idea. This so happened to be where the cafe is located, so the whole floor is dedicated to teaching you about healthy eating, using a combination of games, facts and bright colours. A simple idea that just made me very happy.


1st floor, ‘Who am I’ a question we all ask ourselves, through out our lifetime, and this interactive gallery is determined to help you answer it. The room holds giant pods with games, informing you with the answers of how you’re going to look when 60, to what gender your brain thinks. Mine thinks like both genders, which made me feel slightly superior to those around me. I also found out that my hand is shaped more like a man’s hand. I still don’t know how to feel about this.

2nd Floor, ‘Atmosphere’ a massive range of different games and videos explaining how the earth’s climate is changing. Everything school attempted to teach you but failed.

3rd Floor, ‘Engineer Your Future’ this was definitely the most entertaining floor, with it’s team work targeted games, and simple design. The games looked absolutely beautiful, and with that ended our time at the museum. Back to the studio for a afternoons work.  

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