The menu

Light bites (whilst the fire is made and the meat is grilled):
Biltong-spread on crackers, curry cucumber-creamcheese filled cherry tomatoes, sweet cherries wrapped in bacon, biltong

Lamb chops with rosemary, boerewors (beef sausage), pap (maize porridge) & tomato-onion relish, pumkin fritters with cinnamon sugar, French onion soup potato bake, sweetcorn-cheese bake, fresh garden salad

Peppermintcrisp tart & crustless milktart with coffee


The ingredients are ready... now for the prep


Our intern, Katie, has been roped in to help peel potatoes. 


'Hasselback' potatoes are delicious with a French onion soup base, light cheese topping, rounded off with cheese-and-onion crisps to add a bit of crunch.

Marc is preparing the pumpkin-fritter batter (and not sure about this dish at all)...


Pumkin fritters frying... got to get the timing right so that they don't get cold before the meat is ready.


The light bites are ready to be enjoyed.


The table is laid - note the 'African touch' placemats.


Cottage cheese & mascarponi biltong mousse and for the veggie in the team, cottage cheese & cucumber.


The most popular light bite was glazed cherries wrapped in stripey bacon - they disappeared pretty fast.


The team waiting patiently for the mains to be ready. Of course Marc had to do the grilling - that's another typical South African tradition.


Lamb chops at the ready.


Marc's fire...


Now we're talking... look at that gorgous boerwors...


Pap & boerewors (maize porridge and beef sausage) - you can't get much more typically South African than that. The lamb chops are there as it's a special occasion - I'm not making lunch for the studio every day...


This is a beautiful, super easy dish (but probably a week's calorie-intake) and almost a meal in itself:

2 - 3 cans of sweetcorn
Add to a very, very thick white sauce (add cheddar cheese and chilli for extra flavour)
Cover with a layer of cheese
Oven bake on 180 degrees until piping hot


'Hassleback' potatoes with a French onion soup base, topped with a little grated cheese and cheese+onion crisps (yes, really).


The pumkin fritters tasted good, but the batter needs a bit of work - next time. Even the Swiss enjoyed the cinnamon sugar flavouring despite wondering about this particular 'taste'. South Africans will eat sugar on pretty much anything.


nom, nom, nom, nom....


And, as is typical with a 'braai', a second set of visitors dropped by in the early evening. Fortunately I had prepared a massive 'Bobotie' (a traditional curry-mince dish) which doubled as lunch for the next day.

I hope everyone enjoyed a 'taste of South Africa'!


And this is a peppermint crisp tart.

Super easy to make and absolutely delicious!


Look at that - triple-layered peppermint crisp tart.

To complete the South African experience, a slice of crustless milktart (also homemade of course).

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