Starter: Pea and mint soup
Main: Lancashire Hotpot
Dessert: Treacle tart


To make things quicker I'd prepared everything in advance! The hotpot only needed to go in for another 45 minutes and the soup just needed a qick reheat for the starter. 

IMG_2854 2.JPG

The table! We had to wait for photos to be taken before we could eat, but in the end it was very springlike with the flowers, and the mix of pink and green across the table. 


Close up of the soup, with a dollop of crème fraîche to top everything off. I enjoyed it without the crème fraîche since I don't like it, but it probably helped of offset the sweetness of the soup. 


Onto the main! Lanchashire Hoptpot is a stew with a base of lamb or mutton and onion, covered in a layer of thin sliced potatoes. I went with lamb over mutton and included chunkily cut carrots to add more vegtables to the mix. Having peas with it like I normally would seemed odd after the soup so we had a little side of broccoli, quickly boiled. 


Sabina did a good job of serving the hotpot to get the potatoes on top. 


And the damage after.

A few of us (myself included) went back in for seconds, so there was a little less when it came to take it all home. Well received, I think! I was very pleased with
it since I'd never made Hotpot before, let alone one that was slow cooking for nearly
two hours. 


Treacle tart is a solid favourite back home, so it was nice to be able to make one for a group of people again. Everyone is always surprised to hear that there's no treacle in a treacle tart – that's English food
for you.


It was nice to be able to cook for everyone! There's nothing quite like being able to cook for a large(ish) group of people and it's something English food tends to be good for. Single pot meals had to be created for a reason other than practicality, right? 

Despite not being quite as lavish as some of the previous cook-outs, the food well received, and I'm glad everyone enjoyed it. I wish the next intern who has to do a Cookout good luck!