Noemi's London visit


After one and a half hours flight I finally arrived in London. I was nervous and curious but I looked forward to this two weeks. It would be a new experience and I would learn lots of new things. And who has the privilege to stay here for two weeks, see and live a little bit the London lifestyle?


In the evening we went for a walk and got a first impression of London. The first two nights I slept in a small but pretty apartment in Farringdon. The next morning we went to Shoreditch. We bought a lot of things in the Old Spitalfields Market because we all love jewellery and paraphernalia. I like the atmosphere there and also the smell of all the delicious food! Shoreditch is very colourful and you can marvel at the diverse outfits and people.


At 5pm we were invited to Marc and Ane’s. I was fascinated by their house. It has a great style and I could really live here without any problems. :) We enjoyed the delicious food and got to know each other. After that it was ‘See you tomorrow.’


With great pleasure I could transform a chaotic storage room into a pretty room. It was strange to speak English all the time but I felt comfortable.


I think when you visit a city you must see some buildings and attractions. The Tate Modern museum is one of them. On the top you have a fantastic view over the whole city. Inside the building it’s very modern and simple but it all seems suitable.


When we think of London we automatically think of the Tower Bridge. The contrast between the modern glass buildings and the old Tower Bridge is fantastic. I was impressed when the Tower Bridge opened out. What forces have to be at work there?! The hungry seagulls in front of the Tower Bridge are very funny but we were scared because they flew directly over our heads.


One time we went to Camden town. It’s incredible how many facets London has. Camden town is for me a little Hippie City. There is also a big market called stable market. It’s very special because all market positions are in old horse boxes and so you stroll through the big stable. Houses are colourfully painted and there are many different people.

After some high-fat food I went jogging. It’s slowly becoming a habit here in London. I like the parks and the autumn feelings. There are many possibilities to run a good round.


The popular Notting Hill market is known as Portobello Market, so called because it runs along Portobello Road. Pay a visit to one of the best markets in London and you'll discover something interesting to take home with you. The people living here are richer. The style of their houses is more elegant and if you see their cars, all becomes clear.

During my stay in London I lived with Kate and William. I found my room via home stay. They are very friendly and I’m lucky that I can stay in their apartment. At the weekend we drove to Kate’s sister. She’s living in Poole. The next day I enjoyed a day on the sailboat with their family.


I had an unforgettable time here in London. The people are rarely so friendly and helpful as in London. In this office you feel immediately included and I knew I could always go to Ane and Marc. This was a big relief for me. All four people are open and fun-loving persons. I wish everyone the best for the future! You’re a great team and a fantastic office! I would be happy to return one day. Thank you for this great time!

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