July has been another busy and productive month here at on-IDLE. We attended two fantastic typographic events in July. The first one was an Experimental Type Tasting evening with a couple of interesting seminars on typography and letterforms. The participants were asked to pick a little bag of jelly beans and guess the flavour from the typeface and then Sarah Hyndman talked about how the human brain can create associations of smells, stories and songs over a series of marks. It was a very engaging and interesting presentation. I am sure that it will benefit my font selections in the future projects. 


The other exciting event was the annual ISTD Student Awards hosted by Pentagram at their studio in Notting Hill. Marc is a board member of the International Society of Typographic Designers and he had an active role in organising and preparing the event. I had a chance to participate in the preparation of the scene of the ceremony and to meet and talk with other designers and typographers, which was a fantastic experience.


Back at the studio, I have been working on several design projects, including an animating signature for Michael Wolff, a design legend whose work was a part of my design studies at the college. Back then I wouldn’t have thought that one day I will do work for him!

My first infographic went live on the Philosophy Foundation website as well as in print in the form of a folded leaflet. It was a great pleasure to see my design come to fruition and it received good feedback from others.

I really enjoyed working with Marc on the British Swiss Chamber of Commerce Magazine. Editorial design is something I particularly enjoy doing and it can be really challenging with layouts and a lot of text content. My work included a full back page advert and some article layouts. Marc’s instructions and feedback on this have been very inspirational and helpful.

In addition, I had some hands-on experience in website design by creating the home page for the Federation of Swiss Societies UK website (FOSSUK).


Last but not least, a new member joined our team, Sabina who is going to support Ané’s work. Welcome Sabina!

All in all, it’s been a fantastic month with a lot of fun and challenge. As a new designer I feel the progress every day here, at on-IDLE.

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