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Issue: 5 December 2011

UK-based video-rental and streaming company LoveFilm has announced it will ditch Flash. But instead of working with HTML5, its new system will be based on Silverlight. According to a blog post, LoveFilm was 'asked' to make this change by studios and said that "without meeting their requirements, we'd suddenly have next-to-no films to stream online". The change means Linux and PPC Mac users will now have no access to the service; also, while HTML5 was considered, LoveFilm had to pass on the technology because "there are simply no security protections available within HTML5 that would allow us to stream content securely".

Marc Peter, creative director at on-IDLE was also dubious about the decision: "HTML5 is too new to offer robust rights management which is clearly a problem for studios. Flash, however, is proven and secure. Silverlight's impact has, to say the least, been limited despite the fanfare and Microsoft's millions. Perhaps Microsoft's millions are at play in studios forcing video content servers to use Silverlight as a way to boost the market penetration of the player?"

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