1. How to use the coffee machine (and carry coffee upstairs without tripping over a cat or two)

The very first thing I learnt how to do at on-IDLE was how to use the coffee machine. ‘We have Italian clients’ explained Marc, ‘we need to have good coffee.’ Although I was delighted that a good cup of coffee would be a crucial element to my new place of work, I was getting worried. I am probably the clumsiest person in the world and I have smashed more mugs than I’ve had hot dinners. You’re probably thinking ‘Why is she advertising this problem? How did she get an internship?’ but I am proud to announce that I have not spilt or dropped a single cup in the time I have been here.

2. How to type an umlaut on a mac (Option-U)

At on-IDLE I am the only person who can just speak a single language, it is absolutely fascinating to be surrounded by Swiss culture and a mixture of languages; notably German all day long. For my first task I had to do some typesetting in German, which freaked me out a bit at first however the team assured me that it would be just like using Lorem Ipsum and I could use Google translate if I needed to understand parts of the text. In doing this I learnt that option- U is the shortcut for an Umlaut and random German words such as Inhalt-contents and Vortrag-lecture. 

ISTD Student Awards 2017

ISTD Student Awards 2017

3. How to introduce myself 

At the end of my first week I had the privilege of attending the ISTD student awards ceremony at Pentagram. I had an inspiring time seeing the award winning work and I was given the task of taking photographs across the evening. I got chatting to Ané and told her how much and for how long I have wanted to be a graphic designer (feeling secretly anxious that I would be forever be the person who takes the photographs but I would never be in the picture). ‘No, no, no’ interrupted Ané, ‘I’ll stop you there. You’ve graduated. You are a designer.’ Ever since, I have said  ‘I am a Graphic designer’ when introducing myself. Not just that I want to be.


4. How to tell the difference between Helvetica and Arial 

One of my answers for telling the difference between Helvetica and Arial has always been ‘Helvetica has a square full stop’ and ‘the bottoms of the As are different’. Helvetica does have a square full stop but as I have now discovered, so does Arial. Marc told me that the quickest way to tell them apart is from the ascender on the lower case t – Arial’s is angled whereas Helvetica’s is squared. I have no idea why this knowledge went over my head before but I wont get it wrong again.

5. How to use Photoshop templates 

At University we were asked not to use Photoshop templates to present Branding work in our portfolios and presentations, as a result I had no idea how to use them properly when tasked with creating some Behance pages.  In emergencies I would sometimes give it a dodgy go but before this task I honesty thought that using a template meant you saved an image of the application you wanted from the internet and pasted your work on top, warping and angling it yourself which took ages and when I did attempt it, always looked rubbish therefore I never understood why people did it all the time. I have improved my presentation skills by putting some images together for Behance and was able to familiarise myself with on-IDLE’s recent projects.

Snake Bridge

6. How to ‘cheers’ properly 

Last Tuesday we went out for a meal to celebrate Sabina’s birthday and it was lovely to be included as an equal member of the team. I quickly realised that I have been saying cheers wrong my entire life. The aim is to look the other person in the eye and say cheers whilst holding the stem of the glass. I learnt that this was done in the past so that a poisoned drink would be spilt into both glasses. My drinks were definitely not poisoned, only delicious.

It has been an incredibly exciting first few weeks and I am looking forward to what is coming next.

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