There are a myriad of social channels available to businesses - the question is, how to optimise your content for them?

Sahil Jain compiled the top questions asked by marketers at a social media event, along with the expert panelists' answers. Many of these questions we are asked by our existing and potential clients and this Q&A covers the thorniest of questions with solid, implementable advice. 

Sample questions include: 

  • I Would Love To Use Social Media, But I’m Worried About Negative Feedback. What’s The Best Way To Get Around This?
  • What’s The Best Solution For Small Companies That Go Global? Should They Have One Facebook Page For All Markets Or Separate Pages With Targeted Content?
  • How Do You Manage Content On Multiple Channels Like Facebook And LinkedIn?
  • How Do I Get People To Engage With Something That Isn’t Inherently “Sexy”?



You can read the full article here:


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