By Ané-Mari & Marc Peter


Ampersand Web Typography Conference 2012

It was the second year of the conference, but the first year we could attend.

To our surprise three quarters of the audience were web based practitioners and only a third graphic designers. This is similar to on-IDLE's studio set-up, where 70% are web developers, 20% designers and 10% project management.

Designing and building websites is definitely a collaborative approach between design and technology, with type playing an important role in the design and the technology now available to render custom fonts online. The themes of the conference fully reflected this approach.

Ané thoroughly enjoyed the morning session as a crash course in Typography, although Marc found this a bit 'Type 101', but markedly perked up for Lucas de Groot's afternoon presentation on hinting and the passion and patience involved as well as Elliot Jay Stocks' tips on CSS.

A well-written blow-by-blow account of the conference is available on Eye Magazine's blog and a comprehensive learnings 'take-out' is available at ubelly.

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