My experience of London so far is good. I’m very happy to be living and working in this country, the people are very nice and kind. I normally live in France but I’m already 4 months into a 6 months internship. Maybe I will stay in UK, because I prefer the English mentality.

Before on-IDLE, I worked in an association, but, the work didn’t match my graphical training or skillset and I was not learning English either as with only French interns, we of course only spoke French.

At on-IDLE I am learning English faster as well as improving my professional skills.

It’s really a good experience for me as I couldn’t speak English before coming to London. Now I can even answer the phone because Marc and Ane trust me. They also allowed me to take a English lessons after my workday for 6 weeks, so that I could learn more quickly.

I have been working at on-IDLE with different clients such as The Aldersgate Group, New Helvetic Society, National Youth Choirs GB, etc.

I work on a mix of Swiss and English clients, creating page layouts for a newletters, image-editing, logo enhancement and updating on-IDLE’s Behance portfolio.

What I have learnt so far - about the agency and living in London.

In London I am learning to be more independent and patient (for example, looking for a flat, is very difficult when you don’t speak English very well) so I learnt a lot about myself. I have succeeded in living and working in a new city where I didn’t speak the language which I didn’t think would happen.

I do encounter difficulties like the transport in London in particular the northen Line with the long wait to get on the train in rush hour. 

At on-IDLE I am not only learning the software in english, but even how to make the typical English tea with milk!

by: Gwendoline Poirel Salis

London rush hour crush - and this is a normal day!

London rush hour crush - and this is a normal day!