I am now entering my third month interning at the on-IDLE studios and what an experience it has been. Its true what they say, you learn more in three months working in industry than three years at university. Not to say BA courses in graphic design are not a necessary or vital part, of informing and educating a new generation of young and upcoming designers, but being presented the opportunity to engage with professional briefs and work with real clients has been a tremendously valuable experience.

on-IDLE strive to create a harmonious balance between form and function, creating beautiful and structured design that functions clearly and easily. I have been exposed to both a variety of print and digital projects, from gaining a greater understanding of how websites and content management systems are put together, and designed, to working on editorial and print projects. Each task no matter how bit or small in some way has enabled me to craft a better understanding of the design industry as a whole, and taught be both technical and interpersonal skills and can feed back into my personal and professional practice. Ive worked on projects for the BSCC, GCHA and City Swiss Club to name a few. 


City Swiss Club - Claridge's Invites

Marc and Ané create a professional yet relaxed atmosphere in the studio, in my opinion the perfect balance in which to get the best out of ones employees. An atmosphere which encourages progression and learning, and enable me to understand more about myself and where I fit into the design world and help me reflect on what kind of designer I want to be.

Throughout my time at on-IDLE so far I have worked on a diverse range of project and tasks, notably the 95 anniversary book for the BSCC. This project has spanned the entire duration of my time here so far and has provided me with invaluable insight on how to put together large scale publications. Particularly working with body text and typographic detailing, working with both photographic and vector imagery and striving to find a harmonious balance of both text and image.

I have been responsible for creating information graphics, interpreting data, creating experimental layouts, creating icons and vector imagery and incorporating all the above elements to create an accomplished, clean an beautiful piece of design. A project that has certainly been most valuable in terms of professional experience and engagement.


GCHA 2014 Poster

Since beginning at on-IDLE I have worked across a wide range of software, developing my technical skills further (but there is always more to learn), I have been reading design and typography books on my train journeys to and from the studio and working on freelance projects in the evenings after work, all of which are rapidly improving both my personal and professional practice. I feel a change with in my confidence and design ability since working at the on-IDLE studio and with in my self and everyday life. A great studio, great work and great people (not forgetting Leo and Nikki).