2016 brought huge changes in my life so far. First, because I finished my 4 years graphic design course, secondly, I quit my old job after 7 years, and finally I started my internship with a fantastic creative agency, on-IDLE.


At the beginning I was a bit concerned about what my fresh graduate knowledge, and non-design work experience would be enough, after I met Marc and Ané, and their friendly and professional approach really reassured me. And of course, Leon and Nikita, the two lovely cats, also welcomed me and I found out right at the start that they are the real team leaders in this company. ;-)

The whole studio has a cozy, artistic, and inspiring atmosphere, which makes it a perfect place for someone who has just escaped from a rigid large global company and planning a new career in the creative industry. What grabbed my attention  immediately was the huge design book collection on the shelves and this cool clock on the wall, which is a really appealing object to every typography lover.


I told Marc that I really liked the clock face and then he asked me if I could tell what typeface was included. I was thinking a bit before I made my careful guess; “Is it Helvetica?” I thought it was a tricky test question, because Helvetica seemed too obvious. But he confirmed that I was right and I knew from that point that typography will be one of the crucial points in every design I will make.

This is my 4th week at on-IDLE and since my first day I have learnt a lot about typography, for example the importance of Em dash and En dash…this is something which not often taught in design courses. Also, I learnt how to apply paragraph and character text styles in Adobe InDesign which saves a lot of time for busy designers as well as short cuts on the keyboard. So, the myth about the Swiss accuracy proved to be true… Marc is Swiss and his eye on detail is amazing! He continues to give me valuable lessons about typography, precision and the practical use of Adobe Software. All of this really motivates to learn more about typography and practical design work, I found myself reading blog posts about text spacing on my way to work and analysing posters and ads wherever I go.

Marc and Ané involve me in several daily tasks and design projects including designing event flyers, helping Marc in text placement for a Migros magazine, and creating infographics. I am also given the opportunity to participate in client meetings and I have received good feedback on my work so far which is really encouraging and motivational. Apart from the daily studio tasks, I have been also invited for events and programs with them which really makes me feel a part of the team whilst learning that networking comes in many forms and going out to meet people is the ideal opportunity to have really good conversations about the industy, clients and life. I feel really lucky that I am having the privilege of working with on-IDLE.

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